NuStone is a new generation of cost-saving spray paint technology, unlike the conventional stone paint, creates a superior and artistic surface that is almost identical to classical granite and stones on a wide variety of surfaces.

What is NuStone? - ​“World’s best granite-like and cost-saving coating solution”

It is a new generation of low-cost spray paint, unlike conventional stone paint, creating a superior and stunning surface that is almost identical to classical granite and stones on a wide variety of surfaces.

Successes of NuStone

​This innovative method has becoming a new trend in the modern building industry, adopted in places like Japan, Australia, Europe, America, and many more.


Why Choose Nustone? (Most important advantages and opportunities)

  1. The most cost-saving and simple way to produce an authentic surface for improving the look and feel of the building or the application’s surface.
  2. Strong durability to harsh weathers and easy to clean, making maintenance very painless and low cost.
  3. The product is made by 100% environmentally friendly ingredients.
  4. Full ranges of colors are available to recreate all kinds of granite or stone surfaces and textures.
  5. It uses an innovative spray paint technology to reduce the coating time and complexity, significantly increase the productivity and efficiency.


Where can NuStone be applied?

Our product suits a wide range of applications:

  • Standard building materials, such as cements and ceramic surfaces.
  • ​Metallic materials such as aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Other light materials, such polystyrene, wood and glass.
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