With Pentens® Premium Floor Material Series


Anti-Corrosion Protective Coating (Light, Standard, Heavy)

RC/METAL TANK LINING, Mechanical & Chemical Resistant SOLUTION
- Solvent free, Non-flammable
- Low VOC, Odorless
- High adhesive strength
- Low viscosity, Good penetration
- High mechanical and chemical resistance
- Short waiting times

Eco Flooring - Semi Gloss Thin Coat

Food Industrials, Clean Room, Hygienic, Assembling Plants, Storage and Logistic areas, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries, Institutional Areas- Environmentally friendly
- High levels of hydrostatic pressure up to meter head of water or 250 kPa
- Excellent wear and impact resistant properties
- Excellent resistant to chemicals
- Can be applied to damp surfaces, Safety applied to freshly laid gardened (green) concrete
- Non-flammable, negligible odor and toxicity